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There's a particular camaraderie that belongs only to those who've shared in a challenge to save the life of a fellow human being. It's an experience that Coastguard crews know and value. 

There's more than camaraderie to being a Coastguard volunteer. You'll learn seamanship, boat handling, navigation and leadership. You'll find yourself stretched, sometimes physically, sometimes mentally. And you'll find a powerful new meaning to your life as an active contributor in your local community. 

All Volunteers 

Whenever a call for help comes, our trained Coastguard volunteers present themselves at Clogherhead Station ready for action. You maybe assured that our unit is well equipped with SAR equipment.. These men and women participate in rigorous and regular training schedules to ensure that they have the skills and expertise required to handle sometimes bitter and challenging weather or sea conditions, and the issues that might confront them as they reach the scene.

Ordinary people with ordinary day jobs, from kitchen fitters ,hotel managers , publicans to gardai…. anyone with a desire to make their life count for something. 

Without our volunteers around the country, Ireland would have no Coastguard service. 

Have you got what it takes? 

Out on the water ANYTHING can go wrong. It may be mechanical (broken hose fittings, fuel pump, injectors); medical (heart attack, concussion, knife gash); it may be a collision between vessels, or a vessel and a submerged log; a swamping or grounding; a fire… 
As a volunteer you will be trained how to handle the wide variety of incidents that can occur out on the water; you'll be trained in seamanship; and you'll be trained in marine search and rescue techniques. And you'll earn yourself valuable recognised qualifications along the way. 


If you want to get something more from life

Clogherhead Coast Guard are recruiting for 2017 so contact us now !

Clogherhead Crew 

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